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Having accurate license information for every employee in the organization has become a crucial aspect of the Human Resources (HR) operations in any business. Professional certifications and licenses are not only essential for organizations to stay ahead of regulatory compliance issues but also ensure quality service delivery.

Certemy provides an intuitive and automated primary source license verification system that helps employers validate professional licenses and certifications across their employees. This automated license tracking system helps employers ensure that their employees? licenses are active, appropriately renewed and free from sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

However, understanding how to validate professional licenses with Certemy can be confusing and time-consuming. This article will explain the primary source license verification process and the valuable features and benefits of Certemy.

What is Primary Source License Verification?

Primary source license verification is an in-depth, legally valid process to authenticate professional licenses and certifications. It entails organizations or employers contacting the licensing board or agency to check for the most updated and accurate information regarding an individual?s credentials and licenses. This process helps verify the application and program?s completion, duration, renewal status and any pending disciplinary actions.

Primary source license verification is a necessary component in HR operations to make sure that the credentials held by each employee are valid, recent, and in good standing. By verifying professional licenses and certifications, employers can understand the extent of the employees qualifications and ensure that they are adequately qualified to fulfill their job responsibilities.

The Certemy License Verification System

Certemy is a modern primary source license verification system that automates the entire validation process for employers. Since the system is automated, employers can reduce the manual labor required for continual license updates for all employees across the organization with real-time tracking and alerts regarding any expiration or non-compliant license status.

Certemys system is built into a single record of employee licenses and credentials. It offers an automated workflow system that can be easily configured to manage license applications for employees. The system also provides complete visibility and control across the workforce compliance program.

Benefits of Certemy License Verification System

Certemys primary source license tracking system offers a number of benefits to employers:

Improved Team Productivity: With automated license tracking and proactive alert systems, employees can access the licenses renewals or application process when the current license is about to expire.

Eliminating Risks: Licensing and credentialing authorities can validate the authenticity of professional licenses before they are used organization-wide.

Timely Credentialing: Automated license and credentialing systems provide real-time information to ensure that an employee is legally qualified for the job.

Regulatory Compliance: With automated tracking, employers can almost guarantee that employees? licenses are up to date and meet the requirements of regulatory compliance.

Centralized Records: All records of an employees credentials are maintained in one single system of record for easy access and visibility.

End thoughts

In Todays competitive world, staying ahead of the competition and remaining up-to-date with regulatory requirements is paramount. Employers can greatly benefit by automating the primary source license verification process with Certemy. Besides making the process efficient and effective, employers can ensure that they stay compliant, mitigate risk, and make the most out of their workforce.


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