License Verification Tool | Acute/Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist – Adult (Renewal Only)

Having an Acute/Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) on staff is essential to providing high-quality medical care to patients in critical situations. But ensuring that the CNS has the credentials they need to perform their work can be a complex and time-consuming task, especially if they?re renewing their existing license. That?s where license Verification automation comes into play.

The process of license verification is necessary for hospitals and other medical organizations to ensure that the CNS is operating within the scope of their license and is in Compliance with applicable laws and regulations. However, verifying license credentials can be a painstaking process if done manually. License verification automation eliminates the need to manually verify and follow up on the validity of the CNS? license by automatically scanning primary sources and verifying license credentials in real-time.

The importance of license verification automation for CNSs is twofold. First, it reduces the burden of manually verifying the credentials of the CNS and the rest of the team. This allows medical operations to focus their time and efforts on providing exceptional care to their patients. Second, license verification automation helps mitigate the risk of hiring an unqualified CNS, ensuring that the team is properly credentialed and that the employer is operating within legal and ethical boundaries.

How Automated License Verification Works for Acute/Critical Care CNSs

Automated license verification begins with the employer obtaining the applicant?s license information such as their occupational license or certification. This information is then entered into a primary source verification system, such as Certemy, and certified credentials are verified in real-time across all 50 US states.

The system then runs a check on the most recent renewal of the license, checking primary sources such as the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and the National Certification Corporation for the work applicants are interested in, confirming that the license is active, up-to-date, and unrestricted.

The primary source verification system also assists in tracking an applicant?s credentials over time. This eliminates the need to manually track license renewals and ensures that the CNS is up-to-date on the most recent requirements. For example, the system can be configured to alert the employer when the license is expiring or if the CNS needs additional continuing education credits to meet the standard for renewal.

Maximizing the Benefits of Automated License Verification for Acute/Critical Care CNSs

Automated license verification significantly reduces the time and resources required to acquire and mantain credentials for Acute/Critical Care CNSs. When combined with pre-built workflows, employers can automate the license application process and track the credentials of their entire team in one system of record. This provides employers with visibility and control over their workforce compliance and enables them to quickly identify potential issues and address them accordingly.

The ability to track an applicant?s license over time also helps employers ensure that the team is up-to-date on the requirements for license renewal and minimizes the risk of having to remove team members if they are unable to properly renew their license.

Closing considerations

Having an Acute/Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) on staff is essential for providing exceptional medical care to critically ill patients. License verification automation helps employers to quickly verify applicant licenses and maintain them over time. It also helps employers stay ahead of regulatory compliance and ensure that the team is properly credentialed. Automated license verification significantly reduces the time and resources required and is essential for efficient medical operations.


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