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For ambulatory care nurses and their employers, primary source license Verification is a mission-critical task, one that cannot be taken lightly. A hospital or outpatient facility cannot afford to be unaware of whether or not a nurse is properly licensed and credentialed, and it is equally important that healthcare providers know that their licenses are current and up-to-date. That?s why many healthcare organizations are turning to automated license verification solutions such as Certemy, a trusted name in license verification and credentialing.

Certemystreamlines the verification process while ensuring accuracy and Compliance with regulations. It helps to remove the complexity from the license verification process, allowing healthcare facilities to quickly, accurately, and reliably check whether healthcare providers are duly licensed and credentialed. The solution can be integrated with existing human resources systems to ensure an accurate audit trail and provides automated tracking of employee licenses and other credentials.

When using Certemy, healthcare facilities can track licenses, credentials, and certifications in real-time. They will also have a detailed audit trail that confirms that the verifications have been completed correctly. This comprehensive recordkeeping is especially valuable when staying in compliance with both federal and state regulations. Furthermore, the solution can be configured to support custom workflows aimed at automating various license application processes.

With Certemy, ambulatory care nurses and their employers can be assured that licenses are valid and that all of the required paperwork is in order. This safeguards both healthcare providers and the organizations in which they work. Healthcare facilities can also rely on Certemy to quickly and accurately track and verify all of the required licenses and certifications since the solution keeps employees informed on the status of their licenses. In addition, Certemys reporting and analytics capabilities offer users an enhanced overview of all licensure data in a single actionable dashboard.

Ultimately, Certemy provides a single system of record for all license verifications and associated documents, reducing the time and effort it takes for healthcare organizations to properly credential their employees. In addition to freeing up valuable staff resources, healthcare organizations can be confident in the accuracy and robustness of their license verification processes.

For ambulatory care nurses and their employers, license verification is a mission-critical tasks that impacts both patient safety and compliance with regulations. Certemy provides a reliable, easy-to-use license verification solution that helps to ensure that healthcare providers are properly credentialed and licensed, safeguarding both the patients they serve and the organizations in which they work.


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