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Employers are constantly challenged with monitoring and maintaining the credentials of their workforce. In order to remain compliant and up to date with any changes in regulatory requirements, it is essential for businesses to perform audits or primary source verifications of their employees’ qualifications. Specifically, for healthcare organizations, this includes license and credential verifications of healthcare workers, particularly Home Health Clinical Nurse Specialists (HHCNS). These nurses, as one of the most important roles in home healthcare, must be properly credentialed and meet all necessary qualifications in order to be employed for a position. To ensure that the qualifications of a HHCNS match all the needed credentials, it is essential for employers to use a license verification tool for HHCNS.

Certemy’s automated primary source verification system provides Healthcare and Life Science companies with a better way to monitor and maintain their employees’ qualifications. It is an easy and efficient way to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization while allowing organizations to stay ahead of ever-changing regulatory requirements. With Certemy’s automated license tracking and primary source verification, employers can easily keep track of their employee qualifications without the hassle of manually checking each record.

Certemy’s license verification tool is based on an algorithm that ensures accuracy through automated primary source verification. This verification system was designed to cross-check an HHCNS’s license and credentials against the required regulations set by the state. With real-time tracking and automated license monitoring, Certemy’s license verification tool gives employers the confidence to trust the qualifications of their HHCNS.

The primary benefits of Certemy’s license verification tool include improved staff utilization, better visibility of the workforce compliance program, and a reduction in manual processes. With an automated system that tracks and manages license and certifications with primary source verification, organizations can rest assured that their employees meet all qualifications with accuracy and ease. In addition, pre-built workflows are fully configurable so employers can easily automate the license application process.

Overall, the use of a license verification tool is an essential and necessary step for employers of HHCNS to take in order to ensure that their personnel and regulatory requirements stay up to date. Certemy’s automated primary source verification system makes the process more efficient and accurate so employers can stay ahead of compliance requirements and trust that their workforce qualifications are up to par.


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