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Verifying the credentials of a workforce is an essential part of an organizations Compliance program. Ensuring that licenses, certifications, and other qualifications are up to date, valid, and free of sanction or other disciplinary action is a critical process that requires attention and resources. By leveraging a comprehensive system for license Verification and primary source verification, employees can be assured their credentials are maintained correctly and the organization is maintained in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Certemys automated primary source verification system allows for the efficient management and validation of employee credentials. Certemy ensures that new hires have the proper licensing and certifications, while tracking the expiration dates of current employees to ensure that renewals are completed on time. Certemy also allows companies to review credentials, compare data, and check against disciplinary action or red flags, enabling managers and compliance leaders to confidently approve credential information.

The automated system eliminates the resource-intensive task of verifying occupational licenses and certifications. Certemys verification and tracking system is powered by a cloud-based platform that connects to the primary source directly, without manual data entry. As a result, organizations can access records quickly and leverage the system to ensure their staff are compliant with regulatory and industry requirements.

Certemy also offers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. Managers can see what level of compliance each employee has achieved and what certifications are due for renewal, all in one central dashboard. With this level of visibility, personnel management and HR teams can quickly identify which certifications are still pending and begin the renewal process on time.

The automated verification system also allows organizations to create personalized workflows for license application processes. With custom built workflows, organizations can easily configure the process to meet their specific compliance needs. This streamlines procedures and minimizes the chance of errors and omissions as the workflows alert staff to any missing details or deadlines.

For businesses that must meet state and federal regulatory requirements for licensure and certifications, Certemy is an essential partner in the process of verification, tracking, and renewal. The Certemysystem not only helps organizations stay in compliance but also ensures that certification and licensing records are managed accurately. By automating the process, managers are given the tools to keep credentials up to date and ensure the organizations licensure compliance program runs smoothly, without any risk or penalty.


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