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Modern technology has been a boon to professionals in many industries, and the practice of license verification is no exception. With automated primary source verification, compliance leads have the power to track, manage, and monitor their employees? licenses and credentials like never before. This article will explore the benefits of automated primary source verification and how it can help improve your workforce compliance program.

Automated primary source verification is the process of verifying information held in external databases. This process allows for real-time tracking of individual credentials and license details, across your entire organization, ensuring that your staff is compliant and up to date with their license status. Furthermore, automated primary source verification streamlines the administrative component of verification, thereby reducing costs associated with both manual and traditional primary source verification.

The purpose of automated primary source verification is to provide complete visibility and control of your workforce compliance program. Automatically tracking and managing licenses and certifications through primary source verification helps keep you abreast of regulatory compliance. Furthermore, it offers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. This simplifies the tracking process by removing the need to manually track your staff?s license information.

Automated primary source verification is particularly beneficial for organizations with high levels of compliance. It can provide staff utilization insights that are useful for informing decisions around the deployment of resources and services. Pre-built workflows help to automate license application processes, safeguarding the legitimacy of your organizations license status. what is more, automated primary source verification ensures quality assurance by only providing verified information.

In summary, automated primary source verification is a crucial component in the modern workforce compliance program. It provides a reliable and cost-effective way to maintain accurate and timely license status. With automated primary source verification, organizations of all sizes are able to manage and monitor their workforce compliance, and have peace of mind knowing that they are operating within the law.


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