License Verification Tool | Occupational Health Nursing Case Management

Occupational health nursing case management (OHN) is an integral part of the total health management of workers in many industries. It involves pre-emptive measures like health assessments and screening, concrete interventions in cases of health decline, and providing advice and support to ensure that workplace health standards are met. With the need to continually comply with stringent health regulations, streamlining the process is key to achieving seamless transition of employees who are office-bound, remote, or even working in multiple countries. One helpful solution comes in the form of license verification for health care personnel such as occupational health nurses.

Certemy is a leader in license verification, providing an automated primary source verification system that makes sure health professionals are up to date with their licenses and certifications across their employees, and that all of their credentials are in compliance with all regulatory laws. It is a trusted system for some of the biggest employers in the US, serving to save time, reduce risk, and better manage their staff utilization.

The platform tracks and manages licenses and certifications with a single platform of record, allowing for greater overviews, feedback loops, and insights on the device. This machinery operates with efficiency and accuracy, notifying at a moment’s notice if an auto-renew or manual-renew license is due, and ensuring that users stay on top of any license violations or sanctions being taken against any of their personnel.

Primary Source Verification – the Key to Physical Health and Mental Clarity

Primary source verification offers peace of mind on the part of employers, employees, and regulators alike. Both the structure and data stored within the system are of the highest integrity, preventing licensure fraud and ensuring that the credentials of health care personnel are valid and accurate. With greater confidence in the licensure status and requirements of employees, employers are able to provide more efficient service to their workforce and minimize their physical and mental health risks.

Skip verification processes are now a thing of the past, as users are now able to effortlessly apply for billions of license checks with just a few clicks of a mouse. Moreover, Certemy has also made it possible to customize and automate the entire license application process, from the application itself, to its tracking and monitoring, to its completion and approval. All of this is done in full adherence to applicable regulations.

Clarity and Compliance at Your Fingertips

Certemy is the perfect solution for employers wanting to spend less time on regulatory compliance and more time on the bottom line. With a suite of easily customizable options, users are able to pick the right options to meet their evolving needs and preferences. This ensures that the whole teams productivity is improved, and that visibility across the entire organization is maintained. Furthermore, Certemy provides an easy-to-use dashboard for employers who need a deeper level of license tracking.

Certemys proprietary technology is the ultimate compliancy tool. With pre-built workflows that can be effortlessly configured to automate the license application process, and real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, waves upon waves of resources, time, and energy can be saved – all while making sure that employers stay on top of regulatory compliance.


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