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One of the most important steps in responsible recruiting and hiring is verifying an applicant?s certifications or credentials. After all, the guarantee of professional conduct is based upon a firm foundation of past experience-backed credentials. Companies need to know the candidate’s educational qualifications and certifications?and even if the person has those qualifications.

Liability issues and Compliance concerns arise if a company unknowingly hires or promotes an individual who does not have the appropriate qualifications. This is where occupational license and certification Verification come into play.

Verifying professional credentials is a tedious and very manual process?unless you have robust automation and can tap into a reliable primary source verification.

Verification Automation Stops Unvalidated Hires Before They Happen

Manual checks on occupational licenses and certifications take a significant amount of time and often leave room for human error. On the other hand, companies that use automated secondary or primary source verification, save time and money by reducing the comprehensive, ongoing labor that’s typically associated with manual checks.

Indeed, with a certification and license verification system, organizations can automate the process of checking that a potential hire?s license or certification is valid and up to date.

The Benefits of Automating Certification Verification

When enabled, certification and license verification automation has several immediate benefits. Most importantly, automation reduces the cost and time associated with manual checks and provides reach and accuracy that simply isn?t possible with traditional methods.

Automating laborious manual tasks in the recruiting process also gives companies the assurance of regulatory compliance, which is increasingly important in certain fields like healthcare, finance, and law. A primary source verification solution becomes even more important when screening and verifying licenses with a short expiration window.

Stay Ahead of Regulatory Compliance with Primary Source Verification

Employers have unique compliance requirements imposed by providing multiple services and dealing with numerous regulatory agencies. Preventing non-compliance is often a business-critical concern specifically in health care and other heavily regulated industries.

Primary source verification gives you areal-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, to ensure your employees’ qualifications are up to date. This kind of assurance shouldn’t be taken lightly. When using an automated license tracking and primary source verification solution, companies are ensuring they are ahead of potential regulatory compliance issues.

Improve Team Productivity with Pre-Built Workflows

Primary source verification solutions also make the credentialing process easier with pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate license application processes.

When applications are fewer and simpler, healthcare and other organizations can focus more on staff utilization, patient care, and other important responsibilities. Automating the verification step significantly speeds up the entire process, and the reviewal step only takes a fraction of the time than it does with manual handling.


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