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It is no secret that a comprehensive employee licensing system is a must for any business. Without a reliable verification system, employers may find themselves in legal troubles if their employees are found to be unlicensed?or worse, are found practicing without a license. In order to ensure their organizations compliance and safety, It is important for employers to have an automated primary source verification system in place.

An automated primary source verification system ensures that each employee is appropriately qualified and licensed for the job they are performing. The system also allows employers to identify and act on disciplinary actions taken against any employee. These systems are critical for employers to protect themselves from legal implications, as well as to protect their employees in the workplace.

One such system is Certemy, a leader in license verification with an automated primary source verification system. Certemy provides employers with complete visibility and control of their employee licensing program. The system automatically tracks and manages licenses and certifications, ensuring that each employee is verified and licensed to practice.

Certemys system offers employers many key features and benefits. First and foremost, the system is automated, meaning it is constantly updated and does not require manual entry of licensing information. This ensures that all licensing information is up-to-date and accurate. The system also allows employers to track and manage disciplinary actions taken against employees in real-time, eliminating the need to manually investigate each employees license status.

In addition to real-time tracking of employee licenses, Certemys system provides pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to help employers automate their license application processes. This feature can help employers automate the entire process from the initial application through the completion of the license. This capability can save employers a significant amount of time and effort, helping them efficiently manage their workforce.

Finally, Certemys system offers employers the ability to improve their staff utilization. By tracking and monitoring employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, employers can quickly identify which employees are able to work within their organization. This information can help employers streamline their workforce and optimize their resources.

For any employer, having an automated primary source verification system is critical to compliance and safety. Certemys system can provide employers with the necessary tools to track and manage employee licensing information in real-time, while also improving staff utilization and optimizing workflow.


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