License Verification Tool | CNA -?Certified Nursing Assistant

Properly verifying licenses and certifications of staff members is critical for many organizations, especially those in the health care industry. Ensuring that everyone in the organization has received adequate training, passed all the necessary tests, and is in good standing with their licensure requires a thorough system of verification.

Certemys automated primary source verification system is designed to make this process easier and more efficient, giving organizations like hospitals and nursing homes clear visibility into their employees? qualifications. This system validates occupational licenses and certifications across the entire organization, giving compliance personnel the peace of mind of knowing their workforce is up to date, accurately credentialed, and not subject to any disciplinary action.

Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification is designed to save employers time and money, while mitigating risk and ensuring staff utilization. With a pre-built workflow and customizable tools, employer can create a streamlined and efficient process for verifying and tracking employee licenses and credentials that keeps their organization in compliance with all regulations.

Businesses have the ability to track their teams credentials in real-time with the system, and use configurable alerts to easily stay on top of expiring licenses, credential renewals, and any other updates that need to be monitored. This system of record not only simplifies compliance operations, but also makes it easy to scale with the organizations workforce as it grows.

Certemys verification system is trusted by some of the largest organizations in the United States. With accurate and automated data tracking, employers can get improved visibility across the entire organization and a better understanding of the employees? qualifications. This helps expedite the onboarding process, while strengthening security protocols.

For organizations in the health care industry that require a high level of accuracy and compliance, having a reliable system for verifying and tracking licenses and certifications is essential. With Certemys automated primary source verification system, business owners and compliance personnel can rest easy knowing their teams are in good standing with regulations and the necessary credentials.


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