License Verification Tool | Cardiac Surgery (Adult)

Managing employee credentials is a critical component for human resource operations in the field of healthcare. The process of verifying employee licenses, certifications, and credentials can be time-consuming and costly, requiring a significant amount of administrative effort and attention. To ensure Compliance with regulatory standards, organizations must be able to quickly and efficiently access primary source Verification data.

Certemy is a leader in license verification, offering an automated primary source verification system that facilitates fast, accurate validation of professional licenses and certifications. The secure system provides transparency and visibility into an organizations compliance program, aiding staffing decisions and providing peace of mind.

Key Benefits of Certemy

Certemy eliminates risks associated with manual license tracking and ensures accuracy with automated primary source verification. Organizations have complete visibility and control over their workforce compliance program, ensuring continuous compliance and safety throughout the organization. Key benefits include:

Confirmation that employee licenses and credentials are active and up-to-date

Fast, reliable validation of licenses and certifications

Real-time tracking of staff records in one system of record

Increased productivity by streamlining internal processes and workflows

Pre-built workflows that are easily customizable

How Certemy Works

Certemy is a cloud-based system that integrates seamlessly with existing software applications. Organizations can upload employee records to the system and Certemys automated process will immediately begin verifying and validating the credentials by accessing primary sources like state licensing boards. Administrative staff can monitor the status of license applications and receive automatic email notifications.

The system streamlines the licensing process by allowing organizations to manage the expiration of credentials and determine which employees require additional training or qualification. It also provides automated reporting features, and users can create customized reports to measure compliance performance and identify trends.

Final notions

Certemys automated license tracking system provides fast, accurate primary source verification of employee licenses and certifications in the field of cardiac surgery (adult). Organizations can improve compliance, staff utilization, and streamline processes with robust workflows and reporting features.


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