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Compliance with the necessary licensing and credentialing requirements for Cardiac Surgery (Adult) is both a financial and legal imperative for any practice. Properly managed license Verification can help avoid potential mistakes in credentialing and can improve staff utilization while mitigating risk. Certemy offers a primary source verification system that can streamline the process while providing complete visibility and control of the entire workforce compliance program.

Verification of Necessary Licenses and Certifications

Validation of occupational licenses and certifications is of paramount importance for Cardiac Surgery (Adult) practices. From the HR operations perspective, the most efficient way to ensure that these licenses and certifications are active and valid is by utilizing a system of record that verifies primary sources and documents.

Certemys automated primary source verification system offers real-time tracking of necessary employee licenses and credentials, and provides pre-built workflows that can be configured to accommodate the processes of any practice. With Certemy, a single system of record efficiently monitors and verifies all necessary licenses and certifications, replacing outdated procedures with automated technology.

Certemys dashboard displays all necessary licenses and certifications for employees across the entire organization, and allows for accurate replication of the data at the needed frequencies. This system allows for the potential to save time on tedious manual processes, while staying ahead of regulatory compliance to ensure that medical professionals including those in Cardiac Surgery (Adult) are holding the correct credentials for the position.

Advantages of an Automated License Verification System

Real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials offers a number of advantages for Cardiac Surgery (Adult) practices. An automated system of record centralizes and validates all required data while maintaining security standards and providing reliable audit trails.

At the same time, a well-structured license verification system can improve staff productivity and utilization. Automating license application processes with interactive forms and reminders will free up valuable time and resources across the entire organization. In addition, a clear visual representation of licenses, certifications, and expiration dates allows practices to plan ahead in order to stay ahead of lapses in credentialing.

Wrapping up

For Cardiac Surgery (Adult) practices, relying on a manual process of verifying licenses and certifications can be an inefficient and unreliable way of staying compliant. Utilizing an automated primary source verification system such as Certemy to efficiently and securely track and manage licenses and certifications is the best way to ensure that all necessary credentials are properly validated. Primary source verification offers complete visibility and control to the compliance program, giving Cardiac Surgery (Adult) practices peace of mind knowing that all their employees are holding the appropriate licensure and certifications.


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