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The role of licensed Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioners (AGNPs) has been increasingly in demand in Todays health care system. An AGNP is prepared to provide evidence-based healthcare to patients of diverse ages such as adolescents, young adults, elders, and families from various socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicity. AGNPs work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to deliver health care services, including diagnosis, monitoring, treatments, health and wellness promotion, counseling, and education.

For organizations looking to hire an AGNP, it is essential to verify that they have the proper credentials and licensure, one of which is a license Verification tool. A license verification tool is a software program that validates that a medical professional has the proper credentials, such as an active AGNP license, and that the license renewal is up to date and current. It is important to be aware of any potential sanctions or disciplinary actions an AGNP may have on their license record.

Organizations that are looking to ensure they are compliant with state regulations, hire quality medical professionals, and provide their teams with excellent patient care should consider investing in a license verification tool. This tool ensures organizations can quickly verify an AGNP’s credentials, monitor license renewal dates to prevent lapses, and track disciplinary actions.

What is License Verification

A license verification tool is a software system designed to ensure organizations are compliant with state regulations and hiring a qualified medical professional by verifying their credentials, such as licenses and certifications. License verification tools are intended to ensure healthcare organizations are compliant with their respective states? regulations and laws, or legal precedent.

These tools make it easier for organizations to manage their Compliance program and staff utilization. License verification tools allow healthcare organizations to track employee licensures and credentials in one secure system of record. Automated license monitoring and primary source verification by a license verification tool can improve productivity and overall visibility throughout the organization.

Benefits of Using a License Verification Tool

A license verification tool can be beneficial for organizations that are looking to rapidly verify an AGNPs credentials and efficiently monitor their renewal dates. Some of the common benefits organizations experience by using a license verification tool include:

Complete visibility and control: All licenses and certifications are tracked and monitored in one secure system of record, which allows organizations to stay ahead of regulatory compliance.

Automated tracking and primary source verification: License verification tools can automatically track and verify credentials, so organizations don’t have to manually track or even contact the board of licensure.

Pre-built workflows: A license verification tool is capable of automating the application process of licensure and certifications by configuring it to the organizations needs.

To conclude

The use of a licensure verification tool can reduce risks of non-compliance and streamline the process of licensing and certifying healthcare professionals. It can provide healthcare organizations with more visibility into their licensure and credentialing program, greatly reducing the time and effort spent on tracking and administering licensure and certifications. By using a license verification tool, organizations can save time, ensure accuracy, prevent lapses, and be better prepared for any potential sanctions or disciplinary actions.


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