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Having the right people in the right roles?roles that are optimized for success?is fundamental for short-term and long-term organizational success. It is also fundamental for providing and maintaining patient care at the highest level possible. This often requires a rigorous workforce Compliance program that validates licensure and certification for health care professionals. Verifying health care credentials such as the advanced HIV/AIDS Certified Registered Nurse Certification is no small feat, but Certemy provides an automated solution with primary source Verification for a compliance program that dispels the administrative burden.

Getting Started with License Verification

To start verifying credentials, employers must first choose a quality license renewed verification program. The most convenient and reliable method of verifying health care licensure is to use an automated license verification service. Certemy offers programs with primary source verification, which is the most reliable verification available. Primary source verification involves having an employer contact the appropriate monitoring or licensing body for the licensee’s state and utilizing their published information to verify the license and its status.

Comprehensive Verification & Reporting with Certemy

Certemys automated license verification program is a secure, cost-effective way to proactively manage an organizations workforce compliance program. It allows employers to validate occupational licenses and certifications from all states with the same platform and in one simple process, saving time and mitigating risk. Employers can also easily track the status of each employees license or certification at every step of the process, providing visibility and control.

Certemy provides the most up-to-date, comprehensive information available and makes it easy to report the status of employee credentials. As soon as any changes are made to the employees license or certification, such as renewal or revocation, they will be identified and reported within the system. This gives employers visibility into their compliance program and provides them with the ability to act proactively in case of any changes.

Optimize Workforce Compliance Programs with Automated License Tracking

In a busy healthcare practice, maintaining up-to-date employee compliance with all requirements can be time consuming and tedious. Certemys automated license tracking feature makes it easy for employers to track employee credentials in one centralized system of record, lowering risk and increasing efficiency. Leveraging Certemys automated workflows, employers can monitor and manage employee licenses and certifications with ease, quickly assessing if an employees credentials are valid and up-to-date. Automating the process of managing licenses and certifications saves time and effort and improves team productivity and visibility across the organization.

Ensure Compliance & Patient Safety with Primary Source Verification

Validating occupational licenses and certifications is critical to the success of any health care organization. Employers must Trust in Certemy to ensure they are complying with all regulatory requirements and that the employees they hire are fit to practice. With Certemys automated primary source verification, employers get the most up-to-date, comprehensive information available and can quickly identify any changes in employee credentials. This gives employers the ability to act proactively in case of any changes, avoiding any potential risks and protecting the safety of patients.


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