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When it comes to keeping your business compliant and assuring that your workforce is fully certified across all applicable industry regulations, certifications, and licenses, manual processes are time consuming and highly labor intensive. Every year, companies may need to update their entire staff’s licenses and certifications, and this process can quickly become daunting. Fortunately, automated solutions like Certemy provide the scalability and consistency necessary to ensure that your workforce is up-to-date and Capitalizing on the opportunity to develop a well bolstered team through primary source Verification and organized license tracking.

Lower Your Operational Risks with Automated License Verifications

Having the know-how to track and monitor all licenses and certifications quickly and accurately is a must for any organization. Without clear visibility into the qualifications, certifications, and experience across your staffing ranks, the demands of regulatory requirements can become nearly unmanageable. Automated solutions allow you to streamline and optimize many of the managerial processes associated with license verifications and certifications. Certemy enables your organization to create a centralized platform for collecting, tracking, and managing license information for your entire workforce.

Real-Time Tracking with Automated License Verification

Certemy boasts a robust, primary source verification system that allows for real-time tracking and monitoring of your staff’s licenses and certifications. With Certemy, you have the leverage of two decisive advantages of automation: speed and accuracy. At the same time, you are able to accurately verify all certificates and licences with the utmost detail, as Certemys automated system is in full Compliance with the governing bodies.

Beyond the traditional licenses and certifications, Certemy also offers automated processes for homeowners associations, banks, and other organizations. Additionally, Certemy utilizes pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate the process of license application. These workflows can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and provide the kind of peak performance pattern needed for swift execution.

Stay Ahead of Regulatory Compliance with Automated License Tracking

Tracking certifications and licenses manually is an arduous process, but with automated solutions, you can gain a wide degree of control over your workforce compliance programs. Automated software solutions provide a timely step ahead in regulatory compliance, giving you the power to validate and audit your staff qualifications and licenses with great precision and efficiency.

By granting companies complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program, automations are designed for eliminating any possible penalties or disciplinary actions. At the same time, automated license tracking is used to stay ahead of any potential legal or data issues, putting your HR department at ease.

Common Automated Processes Using License Verification Technology

Due to their real-time tracking and accuracy, Todays automated license verification solutions offer unprecedented control and visibility. With companies utilizing these solutions to achieve the highest-level of compliance and satisfy increasing standards and regulations, some of the common automated processes are:

Collecting license or certification requirements from employees

Verifying employee licenses through primary source verification processes

Monitoring of license or certification expiration dates and renewal windows

Notifying users of expiration dates and renewal windows in advance

Automated notifications for license or certification revocations and/or renewals

Benefits to Automated License Tracking

Automated license tracking provides far more benefits than merely checking the expiration dates of one’s licenses or certifications. Here are some added features and benefits you will get from utilizing automated license tracking solutions like Certemy:

Provides a single source of truth for tracking multiple licenses and certifications across the whole organization;

Reduces the resource burden on the HR or Finance departments;

Improves compliance with increasing regulatory standards;

Keeps teams and departments up-to-date and managed properly;

Provides complete visibility and control of workforce compliance;

Ensures accuracy and speed while verifying and maintaining licenses;

Allows your organization to free up resources and save time;

Enables detection and prevention of any potential conflicts of interest.

Final notions

Certemy was created for companies who want to have full visibility and control over their workforce compliance programs. The ability to track and monitor licenses and certifications in a single system of record, using real-time tracking with primary source verification, provides quick, accurate, and highly efficient methods of ensuring compliance. Automating the traditional methods of verifying, tracking, and maintaining licenses with Certemys workflows offers an exceptional resource to save your organization time and money, while improving its productivity and staff utilization.


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