License Verification Tool | Certified Corrections Nurse

Employers in the United States must adhere to strict regulations when it comes to occupational licensure. Part of this process involves verifying that their employees hold valid licenses and certifications that are appropriate for the roles they fulfill. This time-consuming process can be a hassle for organizations already struggling to keep up with ever-changing Compliance requirements. However, recent advances in primary source Verification (PSV) technology have made compliance certification easier and more effective for employers.

Certemy is a leader in licensure verification, offering an automated and comprehensive PSV system to enable employers to quickly and easily verify the licenses of their employees. The system provides complete visibility into compliance standards, issues, and expirations, as well as a range of detailed reports to keep track of license status. Automated tracking and management of licenses is also available, with the capability to configure workflows and processes to automatically follow up on license applications.

With Certemys PSV system, employers can mitigate risks posed by inaccurate or expired licenses. Through the use of primary source agencies, Certemy verifies that an employee is licensed, active, and free of any disciplinary sanctions or restrictions. This is especially important for highly regulated fields, such as health care, finance, education, and corrections.

Corrections nurses must possess certain certifications in order to practice in their field. Certemys license verification system helps correctional institutions verify that their corrections staff members are properly credentialed and certified to deliver safe, quality care. The system offers complete visibility into a provider’s licensure history, allowing employers to track their staff’s qualifications and spot renewal and expiration dates in advance.

The reporting functions in Certemys PSV system allow employers to quickly generate reports on employee compliance and identify any license gaps. With this easy-to-read information, employers are better able to spot potential licensing issues before they become problems. what is more, Certemys system is configurable, meaning employers can customize their workflow and build in additional business rules as needed.

For employers in need of a comprehensive, comprehensive license verification system, Certemy provides unparalleled peace of mind and compliance capacity. By automating the process of verifying and tracking employee licenses and certifications, they can be sure that their workforce meets current licensing guidelines and that no sanctions or disciplinary actions have been taken against any of their staff.


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