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With an increased focus on regulatory compliance, companies are looking to stay ahead of the game by implementing a well-built license verification system. This system ensures that all employees are compliant with their credentials including certifications, licenses, and other requirements. It is essential that every employees credentials are up-to-date and that the credentials remain valid through the entire employee life cycle.

The need for credential management is even more important now because of the current pandemic situation. Many industries have found themselves unable to perform traditional licensure or certification processes due to the disruption to operations resulting from the Coronavirus. This creates a challenge for companies that need to confirm that their employees are legally allowed to work at the jobs they are hired for.

In order to mitigate these risks, companies are turning to automated license verification solutions. These solutions provide the ability to track and manage employees licenses and certifications in one system, as well as automate the licensing application process. Certemy is one such example, providing primary source verification of occupational licenses and certifications across employees and organizations, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Certemys verification system is driven by state and federal regulations, and is designed to assist organizations in meeting all applicable standards. It consists of a suite of applications that cover the entire employee life cycle ? from pre-hire to retirement ? and enable organizations to manage employee licenses and certifications with ease. The platform ensures that the employees license and/or certification is always up-to-date and meets requirements, as well as provides visibility into any disciplinary action or other sanctions.

Organizations that implement Certemys automated licensure and certification solution have improved staff utilization, better compliance with regulatory requirements, and lessened the burden of administrative duties for their teams. Additionally, the platform comes with customizable workflows that make it easy for organizations to set up the necessary processes for staying compliant.

Not only does Certemystreamline license verification processes to reduce compliance risks, but it also ensures that organizations are able to quickly identify potential issues. Certemys software is trusted by some of the biggest US employers, allowing them to instantly detect sanctions or disciplinary actions in order to better manage their workforce and ensure that their employees remain compliant and properly licensed.

In Todays environment, automated license verification has become essential for businesses looking to save time, manage risk, and ensure staff utilization. By implementing Certemys license verification and compliance solution, organizations can ensure that their employees are always legally compliant with the required certifications and/or licenses, freeing up valuable time for their team while providing a secure and compliant workplace.


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