License Verification Tool | Gerontological Nursing Certification

Management of occupational licenses and certifications can be a tedious process for any human resources department or compliance team. The challenge of verifying each employees credentials while also staying ahead of constantly changing regulatory trends often requires a great deal of time and effort. Fortunately, Certemy offers a comprehensive, automated primary source verification system that helps you manage your workforce’s licenses and certifications with greater visibility and control.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification. Their platform provides an automated primary source verification system that enables employers to validate employee licenses and certifications in real time. The system detects changes in renewals and sanctions immediately, helping organizations stay ahead of the most demanding regulatory requirements and industry standards. In addition, Certemys software automatically tracks and manages licenses and certifications, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and reducing the risk of overlooking crucial details.

Certemy is trusted by many of the largest employers throughout the United States for their license and certification verification services. The platform’s powerful automation tools save time by giving HR teams and compliance leads a single system of record for all employee credentials across the entire organization. Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification engine provides insight into the status of each license and certification, allowing businesses to improve staff utilization with real-time data.

The platform also comes with pre-built workflows that are fully configurable. This feature allows teams to automate the process of applying for new licenses. And with improved team productivity and visibility, businesses can leverage Certemys industry-leading license verification system for overall cost savings.

Gerontological nursing is a highly-specialized area that requires Associate Degree-level certification for practice. Certemys primary source verification provides assurance that all nursing credentials, in this field and more, are current and active, and free from any disciplinary action. Their system takes the guesswork out of manually verifying certificates, eliminating the possibility of non-compliance and giving organizations peace of mind when it comes to staff verification.

Overall, Certemys License Verification system is the ultimate tool for identifying discrepancies in employee credentials. It isimplifies the manual processes of tracking and managing licenses and certifications, all while keeping businesses ahead of regulatory compliance. With their automated primary source verification system, you no longer have to worry about overlooking crucial details when it comes to maintaining your workforce’s credentials.


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