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Maintaining accurate and up-to-date information on your employees’ medical credentials is essential for any healthcare organization. Certemy is the leader in License Verification, with an automated primary source verification system that provides primary source validation for your staff’s occupational licenses and certifications. Providing you with complete visibility and control of your workforce Compliance program, Certemysimplifies the license tracking process and keeps you ahead of regulatory compliance.

Staying Compliant Year-Round

Having an automated license verification system can make the process of verifying medical credentials much faster and more efficient. With Certemys real-time license tracking, you can easily keep track of your employees’ medical credentials and always be sure that they are up-to-date and in full compliance with your organizations regulations. By using a combination of both manual and automated techniques to verify licenses and certifications, Certemy ensures that your compliance program stays up-to-date and secure.

Improving Team Productivity and Compliance

Certemys automated license tracking and verification system helps to ensure that all of your employees’ medical credentials are correct and current. This way, your medical teams can quickly and easily verify that your employees have the appropriate medical credentials, enabling you to provide high-quality healthcare services. Additionally, Certemy helps your organizationstay ahead of regulatory compliance, allowing your team to focus on patient care instead of the tedious task of managing medical credentials.

Automating Licensing Processes

Certemysimplifies the entire process of managing medical credentials by providing automated workflows that can quickly and easily validate licenses and certifications. Workflows are fully configurable to make sure your organization is meeting all of its compliance needs. This way, your team can focus on what matters most rather than spending time on manual processes.

Managing Credentials in One System of Record

Certemys centralized platform makes it easy to manage your organizations medical credentials. With one system of record for your employees’ medical information, you can easily view and track any changes in your staff’s medical credentials. This improves visibility across the organization and allows you to quickly and easily ensure your organizations compliance with your internal regulations and the law.

Provide the Best Care with Certemy

Certemy is the ideal solution for any healthcare organization looking to automate their license verification process. By allowing you to easily manage and track your employees’ medical credentials, Certemy makes sure your organization is always up-to-date with regulatory compliance requirements and your patients always receive the best care.


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