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Having an up-to-date understanding of the credentials and licenses of your employees is a crucial part of ensuring compliance at your organization. Regulated industries require constant validation and tracking of the professional credentials associated with their staff, and Certemy offers a comprehensive license verification solution to make the process easier.

Primary source verification allows employers to monitor and manage employee licenses and certifications while having complete visibility into and control of their compliance program. Automating the tracking and renewal of credentials with Certemy can save resources for organizations of any size and help to mitigate risk.

Why Employers Need To Verify Licenses and Certifications

In occupations requiring professional licenses, employers must ensure that their staff?s credentials are up-to-date and renewed when appropriate. This helps to protect the public as well as the company by ensuring that employees who provide services are appropriately qualified and have met all of the regulatory requirements for their profession. All states require some form of license verification and tracking, and it is ultimately the responsibility of the employer to maintain this information.

Another important factor employers must consider is the ability to make sure credentials are transferable across state lines. In some professions, employees may need to move for of state for work or other reasons, and states may have different requirements and standards for certain credentials. Using a verification system such as Certemy can ensure that the credentials are in compliance and make it faster and easier to get the necessary paperwork in order when needed.

Simplifying License Tracking With Certemy

Certemys license verification system helps employers keep track of staff credentials and maintain compliance without the need to manually search through a complex paper trail. It eliminates the need to verify multiple sources for licensure and makes it easier to maintain the validations. Certemy also helps to automate license application processes with pre-built workflows, and grants team members with access to real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials.

The convenience and accessibility of the system can help to improve staff utilization and save time, and can be trusted by some of the largest US employers. With detailed analytics of license status across the entire organization, Certemy provides complete visibility and control over compliance programs for employers of any size.


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