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Gerontological nursing, often referred to as geriatric nursing, is the specialty field of nursing that focuses exclusively on providing medical care to elderly patients. Certified gerontological nurses have the specialized knowledge, training, and experience to meet the changing needs of aging patients, providing them with a higher level of care than what a regular nurse can provide. It is important for organizations and healthcare providers to ensure that all gerontological nurses employed within their facilities are up-to-date and have the necessary credentials and certification. However, manually tracking and verifying the data blockchain of each nurse can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

Fortunately, Certemy provides automated primary source verification of gerontological nurses and other healthcare professionals, giving organizations the ability to accurately validate certifications and licenses in real-time and prevent hiring mistakes. With Certemys comprehensive solution for license verification, organizations gain visibility and control over their healthcare compliance programs. Not only do they benefit from accurate tracking and managing of certifications and licenses, they also save time, reduce risks, and improve staff utilization.

Here?s a look at how Certemys license verification solution can help organizations verify the credentials of gerontological nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Real-time License Validation

Certemy allows organizations to validate gerontological nurse credentials quickly and easily by automatically verifying the information with its primary source verification system. The information is then relayed back to the employer with confirmation that the nurse is active and is appropriately certified and licensed. This real-time licensing validation feature eliminates the need for manual data entry and can significantly reduce the chance of errors.

Automated License Tracking and Audit Management

Certemys license verification solution also provides automated license tracking and audit management. This means organizations can easily monitor their compliance with licensing requirements and quickly identify any inconsistencies or issues. With this information, organizations can take proactive steps to ensure their gerontological nurses and other healthcare professionals are properly licensed and certified.

Pre-built Workflows and Configurable Platform

Certemy is a configurable platform, offering organizations the ability to customize their license verification workflows to meet their specific needs. Organizations can also leverage their existing processes and workflows to automate and simplify the license application process. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, and streamlines the process of verifying the credentials of gerontological nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Secure Validation and Automation

Certemys license verification solution is secure, reliable, and fully automated. This ensures organizations can efficiently and accurately validate credential information, saving time and effort. With Certemys secure validation and automation, organizations can trust that their gerontological nurses and other healthcare professionals are properly licensed and certified.

In the end

Organizations benefit from the many advantages of Certemys automated primary source license verification solution. With Certemy, organizations gain visibility and control of their compliance programs, eliminate manual data entry and paperwork, stay ahead of licensing regulation changes, and improve staff utilization. Whether looking to track the certification and license of gerontological nurses or confirm the credentials of any other healthcare professionals, Certemy is the go-to solution.


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