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The importance of proper occupational license and certification verification, and staying up to date on employee records, cannot be understated in the age of increasing federal and state regulations, and the business scrutiny and litigation potential of hiring staff without proper qualifications. Primary source verification is a necessary component of managing the complexities of credentialing, and Certemy is a prominent leader in the field.

Primary source verification is the process of custodians of records (such as licensing boards, exam organizations, or state labor departments) providing complete and up-to-date details about a licensee’s current credentials, including certification, licensure, and sanctioning information. The Certemy platform streamlines this process for employers by automating the identification, collection, and verification of licensure and certification credentials. With Certemy, the entire credential verification process and licensing data records are managed through their secure system, eliminating a great deal of manual input and streamlining review and management of licensure data.

Certemys primary source verification methodology allows for bulk credential verifications of multiple professionals at one time, reducing the time and cost required and building greater efficiencies into the overall review process. It begins with Certemys AI, which collects key licensure and certification data from a variety of primary sources. This data is then analyzed and compared to information provided in the employer?s applicant tracking system. If the information provided from the primary source matches that of the “source of hire” then the verification process is concluded; however, if there is a discrepancy, a notification is sent to the employee to review and confirm the details provided.

Certemys primary source verification system also helps to protect employers against legal litigations arising from negligent hiring, by providing real time primary source verification of supervision, prosecution, and other disciplinary action records. The real-time monitoring also assists in guaranteeing professional licenses and certifications are maintained in valid and active status, and in preventing potential staffing delays resulting from lapses in obligatory updates and renewals when licenses expire. Moreover, due to their strict HIPAA and HITECH compliance protocols, Certemy ensures the secure storage, access, and processing of all records collected from these various sources.

The Certemy platform utilizes a secure cloud-based infrastructure for data storage, allowing employers to easily manage their staff license information from anywhere. It also provides precreated workflows to facilitate the processing of license applications by employer or their staff, while being totally configurable to meet the particular requirements of any organization or profession.

The Certemy platform has been extensively utilized by many of the leading employers in the United States, and is quickly gaining in popularity as the most trusted resource to automate primary source license and certification verification. As regulatory compliance becomes ever more important, leveraging new tools such as Certemy can reduce time and cut costs while providing greater security and accuracy.


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