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In Todays ever-evolving workplace, it is essential for Human Resources (HR) departments to have a reliable and effective way to ensure the licensing status of their employees is up to date and accurate. Certemy, a leader in license Verification, has developed an automated primary source verification system that enables HR departments to stay ahead of regulatory Compliance and track employee credentials in one simple system of record. With Certemy, HR professionals can improve staff productivity, verify occupation licenses and certifications with real-time primary source accuracy, and utilize pre-built workflows to automate license application processes.

The cornerstone of the Certemysystem is its automation of primary source verification. By constantly and accurately reading license and credential information from a primary source ? such as governing boards, professional organizations, or accrediting bodies ? Certemy provides verifiable insights that enable HR teams to verify licenses of their employees quickly and easily. This data is verified with government sources, keeping HR teams compliant and avoiding costly fines and possible litigation. As the verification process can take anywhere from days to months to complete manually, Certemys automated system helps HR teams save time and money in the process of ensuring license compliance of their staff.

In addition to license checks, Certemy also provides workflow automation capabilities to help HR teams create automated license renewal and credentialing processes. This eliminates the need to manually download applications or wait to receive documents in the mail, reducing the time involved in sorting, filing, and tracking license and credential renewals.

Certemy also offers an interactive dashboard which provides information about employee licenses and credentials in real-time. With an up-to-date overview, you can easily stay informed about any changes or updates to your office staff?s certifications and licenses. By offering complete visibility and control of your workforce compliance program, Certemy helps HR teams be better prepared to ensure organizational processes are in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Finally, Certemy also offers HR teams the ability to collaborate with compliance managers and gain visibility into any pertinent legal or compliance issues. With this information, teams can ensure all staff members? licenses and certifications are up to date and appropriately renewed with improved staff utilization.

Certemys automated license verification and renewal systems have already been adopted by many of the largest US employers, saving companies time and money while helping them stay ahead of regulatory compliance. With this in mind, Certemy is a great tool for HR professionals looking to improve their license and certification tracking capabilities while mitigating risk and improving staff utilization.


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