License Verification Tool | NRP – Neonatal Resuscitation Program

While due diligence is a key part of any business?s operations, the new challenges of global hiring and the need for tighter security measures have made the job of many compliance officers and human resource professionals far more difficult. According to the National Safety Council, the ?requirement for employers to verify licensure and certification of their employees? is key to reducing potential risk.

The National Resuscitation Program (NRP), is a comprehensive system for tracking licensure and certification of employees at healthcare facilities around the world. This program provides employers with a trusted set of practices that can help them ensure hiring and retention of the most qualified personnel.

Certemy, the world?s leading automated license verification platform, is a trusted partner of the NRP. This platform is designed to dramatically streamline the process of verifying licensure and certification, while still providing the highest possible level of security and accuracy. Through its cloud-based technology, Certemy provides automated access to primary sources of data on current and prospective employees from around the world.

Certemys innovative ?Know Your Personnel? system is integrated directly with the NRP, ensuring absolute accuracy and trust. This system provides the highest quality primary source verification, making sure all critical information on an employees credentials is up to date and accurate. With primary source verification, you can rest assured that you have the exact information necessary to stay in compliance with all your state and federal laws.

Certemy also offers real-time tracking of credential renewals, renewing a license automatically through its automated tracking system. This eliminates manual processing, saving time and ensuring accuracy. And because Certemy is completely customizable, employers can easily configure their preferences and tailor their system to the specific needs and requirements of their business.

Certemy also addresses potential risk by providing automated Sanctioned Action Tracking. This feature helps employers identify any employees with sanction histories, regardless of location or jurisdiction. This helps employers avoid potential liability associated with hiring an employee with a past sanction.

The combination of Certemys automated license verification, primary source verification, and Sanctioned Action Tracking makes it easy to mitigate risk and protect your business. With Certemys NRP integrated platform, you can rest assured that your employees have the necessary qualifications, credentials, and sanction information.



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