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Certemy, a leader in License Verification, is an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications including those for childbirth educators across all employees to ensure they are up to date and free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions. With Certemys help, employers can keep up to date with the regulatory Compliance, improve employee productivity, and utilize license application processes efficiently.

Childbirth educators are health professionals who educate and guide expecting parents through the labor and delivery process. As such, their credentials must be eligible and up to date. Being able to properly track the certification and license status of childbirth educators is essential for any employer. Certemy provides an invaluable service in helping employers and HR departments manage the primary source verification of professionals with an automated system.

Automating Your Primary Source Verification Program

Certemy offers a comprehensive primary source verification system that automatically tracks and validates licenses and certifications. Trusted by some of the largest employers in the US, Certemy allows employers to stay ahead of regulatory compliance, maintain an up to date view of employee licenses, and capture a single view of credentials in one system.

When you utilize Certemys primary source verification system, prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum professionals can easily access and manage their records and keep them up to date. This allows employers to monitor their staff and ensure their credentialing meets the necessary requirements.

Decreasing Administrative Tasks

In addition to streamlining the primary source verification process, Certemy can also help reduce administrative tasks by utilizing workflows that are pre-built and fully configurable. Through the use of these automated workflows, employers can easily manage the application process for new licenses, track license renewal requirements, and keep up to date with any changes in licensure.

Certemy also helps reduce paperwork by allowing employers to capture employee information within their system. This ensures that the employees information is stored securely and that you are able to have the necessary documentation for compliance at all times.

Improving Team Visibility and Utilization

Having a single view of employee credentials and information makes it easier to monitor any discrepancies and efficiently track license and certification requirements. With Certemy, employers can improve utilization of their staff and take advantage of any additional opportunities for improvement.

By also utilizing automated workflow applications, Certemy ensures that the process of managing and obtaining licenses and credentials is both efficient and painless. This can help reduce time spent on HR administration and free up staff resources for other tasks.


Certemy is the premier license verification tool for childbirth educators, offering an automated primary source verification system that is trusted by some of the largest US employers. Streamline the process of ensuring regulatory compliance, employee utilization, and reducing administrative tasks that can suck up precious time. Take advantage of Certemys services today.


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