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In the modern workforce, there is an increasing number of regulations and requirements governing the qualifications and licensing of employees. Companies must ensure their teams comply with all relevant laws and regulations, and maintain a database of employee licenses and certifications that is accurate and up to date. To manage employee credentials, businesses necessitate a uniform system of primary source verification that validates the occupational credentials of their workforce and mitigates any potential risks or liabilities.

Certemy is a specialized compliance platform that provides automated verification of licenses and certifications of any employee across any industry. With primary source verification as its cornerstone, Certemy makes it easy for organizations to stay ahead of regulatory requirements and stay compliant at all times.

What Does Certemy Do?

Certemy is an online platform that allows businesses to manage the licenses and certifications of their workforce. It was designed to give organizations full visibility into the compliance records of their teams, and to ensure that their licenses and certifications remain valid. Utilizing primary source verification, Certemy verifies all relevant regulatory credentials through an automated process, confirming that they are up to date and free of sanctions or disciplinary action.

The platform automates the process of tracking and managing licenses and certifications across the entire organization. With pre-built workflows and customizable dashboards, Certemy offers business leaders the ability to review and approve documents related to licenses and certifications with a click of a button. This provides the added advantage of reducing administrative overhead and saving time.

How Does Primary Source Verification Work?

Primary source verification is an integral part of Certemys platform. It eliminates the need for manual processes and provides a real-time view of all ongoing verification activities. Through API integrations with state and regulatory boards, Certemy allows organizations to ensure their employees’ credentials are up to date and paramount to their industry.

The platform reviews every credential against the relevant state boards, confirms accuracy of the relevant documentation, verifies the current license status, and flags any instances of sanctions or non-compliance. Certemy also helps organizations stay aware of any regulatory changes or upcoming expirations with automated notifications to keep businesses compliant.

In addition, Certemy can detect discrepancies between multiple public databases, prompting manual reviews, and facilitating corrective action when necessary. As a result, businesses can be certain their employees are working with the proper credentials and have the right qualifications for their respective roles.

Why Does My Business Need Primary Source Verification?

While there are several compliance solutions available, primary source verification is essential for any business looking to stay ahead of regulatory requirements. By utilizing a comprehensive platform like Certemy, businesses can easily manage the licenses and certifications of their workforce and be alerted if any discrepancies arise.

Manually keeping up with the regulations of multiple boards and industries can be tedious and requires expertise. By leveraging Certemy as one system of record, compliance teams can streamline their compliance work in a secure, automated platform. Ultimately, primary source verification helps businesses save time, reduce administrative costs, and mitigate risk associated with non-compliance.


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