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In Todays ever-shifting landscape, achieving compliance and maintaining employee licensure and certification is increasingly challenging for Nurse Directors (NDs). With constantly changing regulations, NDs now understand the importance of having a comprehensive primary source verification (PSV) system to seamlessly manage the entire license verification process. Certemy is a leader in PSV with an automated license verification system that provides complete visibility and control of a workforce compliance program, improving team productivity and mitigating risk, as trusted by some of the largest US employers.

When considering a PSV system, consider its ability to accurately track and manage license and certification data while maintaining up-to-date regulatory compliance. The Certemysystem provides a real-time tracking system of employee licenses and credentials with automated license application processes and pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to streamline the process.

User-Friendly, Automated Solution

Certemys comprehensive PSV system is designed with the user in mind, allowing administrators to easily navigate the system while providing a best-in-class user experience with real-time audits, automated monitoring, and comprehensive regulatory compliance tools. Real-time audits provide NDs visibility into the system, allowing them to pinpoint any potential risks or compliance concerns before they become an issue. Automated monitoring increases compliance scores by ensuring employees have valid and up-to-date licenses and certification. Comprehensive regulatory compliance tools provide a complete overview of the employees licensure and certification status while identifying any potential areas for improvement.

Certemys automated solution also helps NDs maintain a competitive edge by saving time, reducing risk, and improving staff utilization. With pre-built workflows designed to streamline the process, Certemys PSV solution allows for safe and secure license and credential monitoring in one central system. The Certemysystem seamlessly tracks and alert administrators when a license or certification is set to expire, saving valuable time and ensuring no licensure or certification issue falls through the cracks. With Certemy, NDs can also link their PSV system to third-party systems for a fully integrated workflow, allowing them to easily track compliance and utilization.

A Comprehensive, Scalable Solution

Certemys PSV solution provides a comprehensive, scalable solution for Nurse Directors, allowing them to stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape of compliance and mitigate any potential risks. By providing automated license and certification monitoring, real-time tracking, pre-built workflows, and linking to third-party systems, Certemys solution provides the necessary tools for administrators to easily manage their license and certification process while ensuring regulatory compliance. Utilizing Certemys PSV system not only allows Nurse Directors to maintain compliance and reduce risk, but also saves time and improves staff utilization to give them a competitive edge and help them reach their goals.


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