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For organizations, it is of utmost importance that their staff are compliant to the regulations of their industry and occupation, as well as keeping track of their license and certifications. Unfortunately, while managing a workforce of potentially hundreds or thousands of employees, this can quickly become a herculean task without the right tools. In order to ensure compliance and track active licenses and certifications, occupational license and certification verification is necessary.

In HR operations, primary source verification (PSV) is a method of verifying the accuracy of occupational licenses and certifications that organizations track for their staff. It is the process of validating the data provided by an employee with the source from which it originates, known as ?primary source?. This underlying concept has been in place for many years, however with modern technology and advanced occupational license verification tools, streamlining the process has become increasingly easier.

Through license verification services and PSV, organizations can establish an efficient process to accurately verify the licensing information of their staff. Such a system can offer better transparency, oversight, and cost savings, as well as mitigating the risk of regulatory non-compliance. PSV empowers organizations to track and manage valid licenses and certifications of their staff with real-time tracking in one system of record. Organizations can leverage license application processes by automating the workflow which is fully configurable to their specific needs.

Certemy is an example of an occupational license verification tool that provides users with greater visibility and control over their compliance program. Certemy is a leader in license verification with an automated primary source verification system that validates active licenses, certifications and ensures that their staff are free from any sanctions or disciplinary actions. Certemy allows organizations to easily track employee credentials and licenses in one place, offering HR organizations a way to remain ahead of the regulatory compliance while increasing team productivity and visibility.

Primary source verification is key for organizations regardless of size and industry. By using a licensure verification tool, organizations can benefit from improving their HR operations and overall compliance. Automating the process of license verification and keeping track of active, appropriately renewed credentials provides organizations with an additional layer of safety while ensuring their staff is compliant with the industry standards.


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