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For many human resource professionals, staying abreast of regulatory compliance can feel like an uphill battle. License verification has never been more important for organizations, especially those in healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries that require professionals to possess certain certifications.

Certemy provides a comprehensive and time-saving solution for organizations looking to streamline their license verification program. Our automated system is the gold standard in primary source validation and provides HR teams across organizations with essential visibility over employee certifications.

Stay Ahead of Regulatory Compliance with Automated Primary Source Verification

In the eyes of the law, organizations bear the responsibility of ensuring compliance with licensing requirements. Primary source verification is an effective method for verifying the accuracy and authenticity of an employees license or certification?but manually researching credentials can be tedious and time-consuming for busy HR teams.

With Certemys automated license verification, you can check an employees licensing status with just one click, gaining complete control over regulatory compliance requirements?and reducing paperwork and paperwork-related costs. Automation also helps minimize the risk of errors and ensures HR teams are provided with access to updated status of licensing as it changes.

Effortlessly Manage Licenses and Certifications with Primary Source Verification

Certemys platform is designed to effectively manage all aspects of license verification. With our automated system, you can conveniently store employee credentials on one integrated, secure system of record and develop comprehensive policies for license renewal.

The platform also provides a variety of workflows, which are fully adjustable to help you quickly and efficiently meet licensing program objectives. These features allow you to easily track licenses and certifications and even pre-populate information when renewing credentials.

Unlock Team Productivity with Comprehensive License Tracking

Increasing the productivity and efficiency of teams is a key goal for any organization. With the help of Certemys automated verification system, HR teams can complete license-related tasks faster, enabling them to focus on more valuable tasks. The platform also equips HR teams with the visibility and control they need to assess employees’ licenses and certifications and helps them make informed decisions.

Managing Licensing Compliance with Certemy

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States to streamline their license compliance program. Our comprehensive solution is designed to reduce paperwork and track employee credentials in one system of record.

By automating license tracking and primary source verification, you can stay ahead of changing regulatory requirements without sacrificing team productivity?making it easier for your organization to remain compliant.


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