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Operational license Verification has become an integral part of the human resources (HR) operations in large U.S businesses. Having a streamlined process for validating the occupational credentials of the employees is quite important. Relying on manual processes not only takes up time but also exposes the organization to risk. To overcome these challenges, automation of the license verification process is the way to go.

Primary source verification (PSV) solutions help to streamline the labor-intensive process of validating the occupational licenses and credentials. Automated processes in license verification help save time, reduce costs, and minimize the risk. Additionally, leveraging these solutions provide an organization with an accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive view of their Compliance with harassment, safety, patient care, and other regulations.

In this article, we will explain how organizations can use an automated license verification process to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

Advantages of Automated License Verification

An automated license verification system offers an efficient and convenient way to ensure the credibility of an organizations workforce. By automating license verification, organizations can gain end-to-end visibility and control their compliance program seamlessly. Here are some of the advantages of automated license verification:

1.Improve Team Productivity & Visibility Across The Organization

An automated license verification process improves team productivity by reducing paperwork and manual validations. By eliminating paperwork, It ispeeds up the entire process and provides a better view of the real-time organization-wide license status of the employees.

2.Real-Time Tracking Of Employee Licenses & Credentials In A Single System

An automated license verification process allows an organization to track employees licenses and credentials in real-time. By leveraging primary source verification, organizations can stay informed about the accuracy of the system. It also helps to keep track of the renewal process without any hassles.

3. Automated License Application Processes

Automated license verification solutions come with pre-built workflows that can be configured to automate the license application processes. Using automation, employers can simplify the paperwork, track and renew the licenses effortlessly, and stay compliant.

The bottomline

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from the automated license verification process. Automating the license verification process results in faster employee onboarding, enhanced operational efficiencies, improved staff utilization, and a streamlined compliance program.

At Certemy, we know how to bring automation to the license verification process. Our automated primary source verification system helps to track and manage licenses and certifications across the entire organization. Add to that, our solution offers full visibility and control of your compliance program.


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