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For the human resource operations team, validating the occupational licenses held by employees and their compliance status is a daunting task ? especially when the complexity of the task varies for each state or province they operate in. Moreover, staying ahead of regulatory compliance with manual license tracking can be a herculean task, which is further compounded by the ever changing nature of license laws.

Certemys automated License Verification system resolves these challenges and makes license validation and verification an easy, accurate, and automated process. Using Certemys pre-built workflows for license validation, HR teams can ensure that their workers’ credentials and licenses are always up to date and remain in compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

What is License Verification?

License verification is the process of confirming whether an employee holds a valid occupational license or certification through primary sources in the jurisdiction it was issued. This is often a manual process, involving collecting documents being sent by the employee, verifying the license against the original source, collecting any required renewal documentation, and then processing the data.

How Certemy Facilitates Automated Verification

Certemy is the leading License Verification system that eliminates the need for manual and complex license validation. Its automated primary source verification ensures that licenses and certifications held by employees are always active, appropriately renewed, and free from any actions or sanctions.

Using Certemys pre-built workflows, the HR team can automate their license verification process. This helps to stay ahead of regulatory compliance by notifying of any potential disruptions in the validation process and providing timely updates to ensure the license continues to be active and up to date.

The workflows are highly configurable and can be tailored to each agency?s individual needs. It can be integrated with existing human resource systems (HRS) easily and help automate the license application process. This eliminates the need to manually track employee licenses and credentials saving valuable time and resources of the HR team.

Moreover, Certemy offers a comprehensive view of the complete workforce compliance program in one system of record, giving the HR operations team greater visibility and control over employee license tracking.

The core message

Certemy is the leader in license verification. It automates the tedious manual process of credential and license verification and validating occupational licenses and certifications across all staff. Compliance teams can easily create, assign, track, and manage their licenses and certifications, so that the agency can rest easy and know they?re covered immediately.


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