License Verification Tool | Electrician Contractor Specialist

The legally-required certification and licensing of professionals is growing increasingly strict, complex, and specific. Most organizations cannot afford to deal with the risk of potential non-compliance so they are continuously looking for efficient and reliable ways to verify their employees? credentials in order to remain compliant with national and state laws concerning occupational licensing. More and more employers are turning to automated primary source verification, with Certemy leading the way.

Employers of all sizes trust Certemys automated system to easily and accurately primary source verify licensure for such specialties as electricians, contractors, and other specialists. By using this tool, employers will be able to get a comprehensive overview of the status of their workforce?s occupational credentials in one place. This not only reduces the time and effort involved in manual license management, but also provides greater visibility and control over individual compliance efforts.

With Certemy, employers have access to real-time tracking of employee credentials. This allows them to stay informed about their employees? activities and instantly identify when a credential is about to expire or if any type of disciplinary action has been taken against an individual. The system also features a built-in workflow process to simplify the application submission process and further save time.

Furthermore, Certemys primary source verification helps employers reduce liability. It is built to detect and alert employers of any discrepancy in information between the primary source and the employees data. This includes verifying former credentials,n current statutes,or any other discrepancies that would put the organization at risk.

As more organizations realize the importance of properly verifying credentials, Certemys automated primary source verification continues to gain immense popularity as it allows employers to quickly and accurately verify licensure. By remaining compliant with appropriate licensing requirements, organizations can be assured they are hiring accurate, well-qualified and experienced professionals.


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