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As employers work to ensure that they are in regulatory Compliance, license and certification Verification for a workforce can be time-consuming, difficult, and costly. To minimize risk, maximize operational efficiency, and maintain compliance, Human Resource operations must be able to accurately verify the licenses and credentials of their employees. Certemy automates license verification with its primary source verification system to validate occupational licenses and certifications, to ensure that they are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. Whether the organization is small or large, it can benefit from Certemys license verification system to have greater control over compliance regulations.

Certemy provides a modern platform that tracks and manages licenses and certifications and shares insight into the real-time compliance status of each employee. It offers a comprehensive, customizable system that can be used to automate license application processes, assist with policy enforcement, and manage workflow. Additionally, it expands visibility into the compliance status of personnel across an entire organization, thus reducing the risk of potential violations.

The specialized system of Certemy enables HR teams to have a centralized system of record for tracking employee credentials and licenses. Automated notifications ensure that the organization is aware of expirations, renewals, and disciplinary actions, allowing the HR team to remain prepared and ahead of the regulatory landscape. Certified Professionals offer clear and concise summary reports and detailed document images that are easily accessible for auditing purposes. The document images verify the authenticity and status of each license, making sure that personnel have the qualifications to do the job they are assigned to.

Certemy offers user-friendly procedures that enable HR teams to streamline their compliance management. It isimplifies the verification process, from immediately verifying licenses in the system to the use of automated primary source verification, and provides a solution that supports mobile visibility with ease of access. Certemys comprehensive digital license tracking system simplifies the complexity of compliance and frees the HR team to focus on other critical tasks.

Certemys digital license tracking system is a reliable system designed to help organizations save time, minimize risk, and improve staff utilization. It offers a secure, monitored system that updates licenses and certifications as soon as changes occur, and provides an instant mobile alert system to ensure compliance. In an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, it is essential for HR teams to have a partner to manage organizational compliance and certify the legitimacy of all personnel and their credentials.


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