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Ensuring that the professionals you employ for your business have the proper licenses, certifications, and other credentials (including criminal background checks) is an important and often complex task. Knowing that your staff have all the paperwork they need to meet all relevant professional Compliance requirements is essential for a secure and compliant business. Primary source Verification for license and certification requirements can help facilitate efficient and compliant workforce management.

Primary source verification is an automated system for verifying occupational licenses or other relevant credentials and ensuring that they are active, regularly updated, and free of sanctions or disciplinary actions. It can also provide employers with complete visibility and control over their workforce compliance program, tracking licenses and certifications in real-time.

Verifying Professional Credentials and Licensing Requirements

One of the most common applications for primary source verification is checking the professional credentials and licensing requirements of an employee or job applicant. In particular, Certemy is a leader in license and certification verification, supplying employers with pre-built workflows that can be configured to automatically track licenses and carry out license application processes quickly and efficiently.

In sectors where professionals must be qualified to perform certain duties, primary source verification gives employers the assurance that they are employing people who are legally and credentialally able to work in the way they are asked to. This not only helps to protect employers from potential breaches of the law, but also gives peace of mind to their customers that they are in safe hands.

Ensuring Organizational Compliance

It is unlikely that any large or even medium-sized organization can operate fully without some form of licensing or regulatory compliance. If an organization is found to be in breach of these rules, this can mean financial penalties or even closure.

For this reason, primary source verification for licenses and certifications is a must-have for any organization. By verifying the licensure of its employees and job applicants, employers can stay ahead of regulatory compliance and mitigate any potential legal or financial risks associated with hiring unqualified staff.

It can also help streamline workflow processes. Primary source verification ensures that processes such as onboarding new employees and managing licensure data can be streamlined and automated. This can help ensure compliance while also improving staff utilization, saving time, and reducing cost.

Trusted by Leading US Employers

Primary source verification is a trusted tool for leading US employers, including Certemy who supply automated workflow systems for verifying licenses and certifications. By using primary source verification, organizations can increase the efficiency of their workforce management processes while also adhering to industry regulations and legal requirements.


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