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Maintaining an up-to-date and compliant workforce is something that all businesses strive for. However, when it comes to license verification, manual processes and hours of research can lead to data delays, inaccuracies, and risks to the business. Certemy offers a comprehensive solution that empowers organizations to quickly and effectively ensure their workforce is fully compliant?all in one system of record.

Certemys license verification solution automates the process of tracking and monitoring employee credentials and licenses to streamline operations and improve compliance across the entire workforce. With its powerful and effective license tracking and verification capabilities, HR departments eliminate administrative time and costs while mitigating the risks associated with out-of-date and inaccurate licenses and certifications.

Certemys license verification platform allows organizations to quickly and accurately verify occupational licenses and certifications in all 50 US states. Its unique tool provides flexibility and control of a business?s workforce compliance program. Certemy makes primary source verification accessible to any organization, providing real-time tracking of licenses and credentials. And with pre-built and configurable workflows, HR departments can ensure that applications for license renewals are accurately completed and tracked.

Using the Certemy license verification solution, employers can be safe in the knowledge that their credentials meet all current regulations and that they are compliant with all applicable laws. And Certemy is trusted by some of the largest companies in the US, who all rely on its comprehensive license tracking capabilities to save time, reduce costs and improve staff utilization.

Built on automated primary source verification, Certemys tailor-made services empower organizations to effectively and efficiently meet their licensing requirements while minimizing risks to their businesses. Certemys license verification platform is like a one-stop-shop for all of an organizations compliance needs, allowing HR departments to stay organized and ahead of industry regulation while keeping overhead costs low and boosting employee utilization.


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