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In Todays increasingly complex compliance environment, organizations must track the licenses and certifications of their personnel in order to ensure that they are in compliance with applicable regulations. Not only must organizations proactively maintain credential information, but they must also be able to rapidly respond to changes in licensing and credentialing requirements. Businesses must also identify, recruit, and maintain high-caliber professionals in order to remain competitive in Todays competitive employment landscape.

Certemy provides a comprehensive, automated license and certification tracking system that eliminates many of the manual processes required to manage personnel credentials. By leveraging technology, organizations can track and manage the licenses and certifications of their employees in a single system of record, eliminating manual processes and manual errors. By automating the license and certification tracking process, businesses can reduce the time and effort needed to fulfill regulatory requirements and ensure accuracy.

Certemys License Verification system is built on a secure, cloud-based platform, allowing organizations to access the system from any location. The system utilizes primary source verification, which eliminates the need for manual verification of credentials and documents. Primary source verification automatically checks against state, national, and international databases to ensure accuracy of credentialing information. In addition, the system allows organizations to track certification expiration dates, providing reminders for renewal and ensuring that licenses are kept up to date.

The system’s automated workflows provide a powerful way to manage the application process for credentials and renewals. Workflows are customized to accommodate the unique policies and requirements of the organization, putting compliance requirements at the center of the system. These custom workflows allow organizations to streamline the process of tracking licenses and certifications, minimizing delays and eliminating errors.

Certemy also provides organizations with powerful analytics, giving them valuable insight into the reliability and value of credentialed personnel. Organizations can track employee license expiration dates to ensure accuracy and compliance. The analytics dashboard also provides real-time analytics and helps organizations identify trends in licensing and credentialing.

Certemy is a leader in license verification, with its automated primary source verification system. This system is trusted by some of the largest US employers, allowing organizations to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization. Certemys license verification system offers organizations a highly secure, automated way to track, manage, and verify the credentials of their personnel and stay ahead of regulatory compliance.


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