License Verification Tool | National Certified School Nurse

As an HR professional within a large organization, ensuring that your staff is up-to-date on mandatory licensure and certifications is an important part of the job. From nationally certified school nurses to professional engineers, it is essential to place manpower optimization at the forefront in order to operate a compliant organization. Certemy is a leader in primary source license verification that helps eliminate risk and ensure regulatory compliance by systematically tracking and managing licenses and certifications.

Certemy provides visibility and control of your workforce compliance program. Through primary source verification, automated license tracking enables you to stay ahead of regulatory compliance in real-time. The platform provides up-to-date information through its unique automated license tracking feature which will alert HR personnel when a license is close to expiration to guarantee that the organization always remain in good standing. In addition, the platform offers pre-built customizable workflows to enable swift processing of license applications.

The benefits of Certemys comprehensive license verification system are significant. It is the trusted choice of many of the largest employers in the US, who have implemented it into their internal systems to save time, reduce risk, and improve team utilization. With Certemy, the management of employee licenses and credentials is simplified, consolidated, and centralized?all information is stored within a single system of record accessible via a single dashboard.

The platform also features an intuitive, user-friendly design that optimizes oversight capabilities. Clients have access to dedicated customer support and provide valuable feedback on the Certemy platform, helping to ensure that the experience is continuously improved.

Certemy is a comprehensive solution for HR professionals seeking to reduce the complexities of license maintenance. As the leader in license verification, the platform provides a streamlined, cost-effective, and integrated system for license management. The platform is also secure, scalable, and designed to keep organizations in compliance.


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