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In an increasingly regulated business climate, managing and tracking professional licenses and certifications across your workforce is critical – both from an operational and Compliance perspective. Without a reliable system to ensure rigorously up-to-date and accurate credentials across the organization, it can be difficult to remain ahead of potential compliance issues and safeguard the organization against risk.

Certemy is a leading primary source Verification solution that automates license tracking and verification, providing both real-time visibility and control of workforce compliance program. With pre-built workflows and a fully configurable system, Certemy helps you streamline license application processes, stay ahead of compliance issues, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization.

What is License Verification?

License verification is a process by which companies can confirm that the occupational licenses and certifications held by their employees are still active, have been renewed appropriately, and are free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions. This information can be obtained in one of two ways: through a manual process, in which an employer contacts the issuing licensing body directly to confirm the credentials of an employee, or through an automated, software-based primary source verification system such as Certemy.

The Benefits of Automation

Using an automated primary source verification system not only helps an organizationsave time in tracking and managing licenses and credentials across their workforce, but provides a number of distinctive benefits that simply cannot be achieved with manual verification reviews.

Complete Visibility & Control

Certemys automated verification system gives employers complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program. The system automatically tracks and manages licenses and certifications from the issuing body and offers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, ensuring that no details fall through the cracks.

Stay Ahead of Regulation & Mitigate Risk

Certemy offers automated license tracking and primary source verification, helping employers stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements and enforce the necessary checks and balances that come with regulatory oversight. This level of automation and control helps to mitigate risk and ensure employee credentials remain active and up-to-date, protecting the organization from outset.

Improved Team Productivity

Withat Certemy, employers can leverage pre-built workflows that are fully configurable and automate license application processes. This level offine-tuned automation provides improved visibility across the whole organization and helps to streamline procedures, improving team productivity.

The Leading Solution for License Verification

Certemy is trusted by many of the largest employers in the US and provides a complete solution for license verification and compliance management. With ClinCert, employers can easily identify and report on all compliance issues and monitor employee credentials in real-time, helping to eliminate risks while streamlining an organizations compliance processes.


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