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For compliance leads in organizations of all sizes, managing dozens to thousands of licenses or certifications can be a herculean task. Keeping track of license renewals, ensuring that the license is still valid, or how the organization may be affected by a sanction or disciplinary action of an individual’s license are all persistent questions. With all of this in mind, Certemy is at the forefront of managing professional licenses for human resource and compliance departments to eliminate administrative burden and mitigate risk.

Certemy is a primary source license verification service that automates the management of license credentials and aids in staying ahead of regulatory compliance. With Certemy, organizations are able to save time, reduce the risk of sanctions, and improve staff utilization across all operations. Through intuitive workflows and real-time tracking of an entire organizations employee credentials, Certemy helps businesses better understand the credentials, work, and competencies of their staff, while also maintaining compliance with regulation.

As one of the leading license verification providers in the US, Certemys primary source verification system is the first step towards a more efficient and secure license management process. With Certemy, employers are able to immediately gain access to essential information regarding employee licenses and certifications. Additionally, the Certemy platform helps to automate the process of managing license applications so businesses can focus on other critical operations.

Certemy offers an innovative platform that allows businesses to track their documents and credentials in a single system of record, providing a centralized, real-time view of all Certificate and Licensing Data for the entire organization. With this crucial data, managers are able to exceed compliance regulations, improve team productivity, and gain valuable insights about their workforce.

In a world of increasingly complex compliance requirements, advanced credentialing processes, rigorous evidentiary standards, and more, Certemy is the trusted source for organizations to accurately verify and manage the credentials of its employees or members. All of the data is backed up with Certemys Primary Source Verification system to ensure certifications and licenses are up-to-date and in compliance. This helps businesses to save time, reduce risk, and increase staff utilization across the organization.

Certemy provides businesses and organizations access to the most reliable and secure license credential verification system. Employers are able to easily access personnel credentials in a timely and efficient manner while also staying ahead of compliance regulations. By streamlining the certification process, Certemy is helping to make compliance easier and more efficient for businesses and organizations of all sizes.


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