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Nursing homes are responsible for administering care to some of society?s most vulnerable individuals, which is why it is paramount for such facilities to ensure the accuracy and validity of employees licenses and certifications. Licenses and certifications must be tracked, managed, monitored, and verified to maintain compliance with regulatory standards and mitigate risk for the facility. Organizations who fail to do so could face severe repercussions? ranging from negligence and malpractice lawsuits to loss of reputation and large fines.

Certemy, a leader in license verification, provides an automated primary source verification system that helps to validate occupational licenses and certifications of your workforce, helping to confirm that they are unmolested, up to date, and in good standing. The Certemysystem provides complete visibility and control of the workforce compliance program, with real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one central system. This system simplifies and automates the once time-consuming task of monitoring and managing licenses, enabling administrators to spend more time focusing on the most important matter? the health and wellbeing of the residents of the nursing home.

Beyond providing administrators peace of mind regarding license validity, Certemy brings a host of benefits to nursing homes?improved productivity across the workforce, automated license application processes, and organization-level visibility across all licensure-mandated workplaces. Large employers such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google have all put their trust in Certemys license verification system to save time, reduce risk, and improve staff utilization.

Certemys primary source verification system helps nursing homes ensure that they?re complying with all the appropriate standards, and helps protect the facility and its employees from financial and legal liabilities. The platform allows administrators to keep track of each individual?s licenses and certifications in one central, easy-to-access system, improving overall efficiency and streamlining management practices.

Certemy also provides administrators with automated alerts when a license renewal is approaching, helping to ensure that all documentation remains up to date and preventing expired or missing credentials from slipping through the cracks. It also helps administrators confirm that each employee has the requisite qualifications to safely and competently perform their job duties.

Given all of its unique features and advantages, Certemy is the primary source verification system of choice for nursing homes looking to maximize their efficiency and optimize their compliance program. By automating and streamlining the process of license and certification management, Certemy helps administrators save time and money, while mitigating risk to the organization.


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