License Verification Tool | Certified Registered Nurse Infusion

For human resource departments looking to stay ahead of compliance regulations, implement a primary source verification system with Certemy. Certemy is a leader in license verification, providing automated primary source verification of everyone’s occupational licenses and certifications, validating that they are free of sanctions or disciplinary actions.

The real-time tracking of all employee licenses and credentials in one system of record gives complete visibility and control of the organizations workforce compliance program. This provides significant benefits related to team productivity, organizational visibility, and automated license application processes.

Pre-built workflows combined with automated license tracking help to ensure an organization is positioned to stay ahead of compliance regulations. To support employers, the Certemy Compliance Services team can be consulted to provide a comprehensive plan to ensure consistent and reliable license tracking.

Certemys comprehensive license verification solutions provide accurate and verifiable primary source validation, enabling organizations to quickly and easily confirm that all certifications and licenses are valid. This level of compliance information provides an enhanced employee experience, as their license application process is streamlined and automated.

The Certemy primary source validation also allows employers to receive feedback on compliance status before being subject to fines or other possible disciplinary actions related to employee infractions. This information empowers an organization to quickly identify any potential issues related to license or certification violations.

By providing an automated primary source validation system, Certemysignificantly reduces the amount of time and resources needed to verify and maintain all employee licenses and certifications. This process shifts the organizational burden back to the employee to maintain their own certifications, as all primary source documents will help to validate every employees credentials.

In addition, employers receive notifications when their employees? primary source documents are set to expire, providing ample time to be proactive in the license application process and reduce any costly penalties.


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