License Verification Tool | Orthopaedic Nurse Certified

Orthopaedic Nurses are highly trained professionals who are expected to deliver quality care to their patients. It is paramount then, for organizations to verify that their staff are up to date with their licenses and certifications and that these are not expired, suspended or discontinued. To meet this challenge, many organizations are now trusting the automated primary source verification system of Certemy, a leading license verification platform, to manage compliance.

Certemy delivers real time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of records. This means that not only can organizations track the status of their employee licenses, but they can also comply with regulations related to the same. To make things easier, the Certemysystem is designed with pre-built workflows which can be fully configured to automate the processes of license application. Workflows can then be tailored to each individual’s roles and responsibilities.

By leveraging the automated license verification of Certemy, organizations can drastically increase employee productivity. The enhanced visibility into an organizations workforce compliance program has direct benefits, including reducing risk that non-compliant staff may be exposed to the public, improved team productivity, more efficient staff utilization, and a higher level of professionalism in daily operations.

Another great feature of Certemy is a rapid response system for active license verification. This means that organizations get immediate feedback in the event that something changes in the status of a staff member’s license. Since Certemy has access to real-time data from the board responsible for the license, accurate data is highly reliable and ensures that legal standards are satisfied as part of primary source verification.

As organizations continue to trust Certemy as a reliable partner for managing their staff license and certification, it will become essential for them to explore the full benefits of the automated primary source verification system. The Certemy platform allows organizations to easily identify and comply with all regulations related to licenses and certifications, quickly and accurately. Organizations can also focus on being able to maintain their reputation for delivery of quality services by utilizing the automatic license verification system. The enhanced opportunities for organizations will result in improved customer service, increased compliance and improved productivity throughout the organization as a whole.


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