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For organizations in the United States that require employees to acquire occupational licenses or certifications, license verification can be difficult and time-consuming. One of the main challenges in verifying a potential employees credentials is primary source verification, which is when an organization contacts the issuing agency of the license or certification. Manually contacting each issuing agency can be a daunting task, especially if the organization has branches in multiple states or across the country.

In order to streamline the license verification process, organizations are turning to automated license verification systems. Automated license verification is a digital solution that allows organizations to verify the validity of an employees license or certification without having to manually contact each issuing agency. This method is largely considered to be the gold standard for primary source verification.

Certemy is a market leader in automated license verification, offering organizations a secure, efficient, and accurate way to confirm their employees’ licenses and certifications. Certemys license verification system uses proprietary technologies to connect with issuing agencies across multiple states and validate occupational licenses and certification in real-time.

Organizations and businesses of all sizes can benefit from implementing Certemys automated license verification for their workforce compliance program. For starters, Certemy helps organizations in saving time and reducing manual processes. The program offers an automated workflow system which takes all of the manual work out of the license verification process and allows for users to track and manage their employees? licenses and certifications in one system. By using Certemys pre-built workflows, organizations can easily configure the automated process for their own specific needs.

Certemy also offers complete visibility and control of the organizations workforce compliance program. It provides administrators with a continuous view of their employees licenses and certifications, so that they can be sure that their employees remain in compliance with the laws and regulations in their state. Furthermore, it gives administrators real-time awareness of whether their employees? licenses are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or disciplinary action.

In addition, Certemy helps organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance. By automatically tracking users? licenses and certifications and conducting primary source verification, organizations can stay on top of the ever-evolving and fluctuating requirements for each state. This ensures that organizations remain legally compliant at all times.

Finally, implementing Certemys license verification system not only helps to keep organizations compliant, but also drastically improves team productivity and staff utilization. Furthermore, due to the comprehensive visibility it gives administrators, Certemy helps to gain more insight into staff utilization, reducing wasted resources and optimizing staffing decisions.

At the end of the day, Certemys license verification system offers organizations a secure, accurate, and efficient way to manage and verify their employees? credentials, helping them to save time and optimize their workforce compliance program.


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