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The healthcare system relies on professionalism and expertise. Therefore, It is important to make sure that your employees have the proper credentials to fulfill their roles. Primary source verification is an automated system that verifies the validity of occupational licenses and certifications in real-time. It is the most reliable way to ensure that your staff members have the necessary credentials to carry out their work with confidence and competence.

Primary source verification systems are becoming increasingly popular in healthcare settings, owing to the growing demand for better ways to assess credentials and ensure compliance. With the help of primary source verification, you can quickly and accurately check and track employee licenses and certifications in one system of record, freeing up your organizations resources.

Primary source verification systems deliver quick access to vital information, allowing you to reduce the risk associated with mismanagement or negligence of employee credentials. This type of system simplifies the process of verifying the validity of an employees credentials, and eliminates the chances of a fraudulent, outdated, or incorrect license or certification. As a result, you can be sure that all your employees are qualified to work in a given position.

By verifying the validity of a license or certification, you can also ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Primary source verification systems provide the visibility and control you need to meet your compliance requirements. They also allow you to ensure that your staff is adequately trained and capable of fulfilling their duties.

Organizations are also utilizing primary source verification to streamline the application process for new employees. By leveraging pre-built workflows, a primary source verification system can help to expedite the entire process by automating the application process for licenses and certificates. This not only reduces the time and effort spent on processing applications, but it also eliminates the need for manual processing, which can lead to mistakes and omissions.

Certemy has created an innovative automated primary source verification system that puts your organizations compliance and risk mitigation strategies at the forefront. Our system is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States to save time, improve staff utilization, and reduce the risk of noncompliance.

We understand the importance of protecting your organizations interests, which is why we are committed to delivering the most reliable and accurate primary source verification services available. Our team works to ensure that you have complete control and visibility over the workforce compliance process, so you can have confidence that all your employees meet the required qualifications to be employed at your organization.

Primary source verification is essential for managing and tracking employee credentials and ensuring that your organization is running in compliance with the laws and regulations. With the help of Certemy and our automated primary source verification system, you can have peace of mind knowing that your employees are adequately trained, qualified, and fit to carry out their roles.


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