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Compliance with professional requirements is essential for any organization. Knowing if your staff possess the critical licensures and certifications needed to drive business success is paramount. License Verification with Primary Source Validation (PSV) is the comprehensive solution necessary for your Human Resources department to ensure It is keeping up with an ever-changing compliance landscape.

Why Primary Source Validation Is Essential

Primary source validation is the practice of verifying credentials such as licenses, certifications, and work history directly from the originating authority to ensure that an applicant meets a companies educational and professional qualifications. It is the gold standard in credential verification and eliminates the cost and burden of manual reference verifications.

For companies, PSV ensures the accuracy of the entire workforce data. This allows companies to tailor their HR operations around real-time license verification. It also keeps up with how often licensure changes for professions.

Real-Time Tracking of Licenses and Credentials

With the ever-changing requirements of licensure for professions, HR departments need a system that offers real-time tracking of licenses and credentials. An automated license verification system solves this problem by providing one trustworthy source to retrieve and store any updates in one system of record. This alleviates the burden of manual reference verifications and saves time, energy, and resources. All of these factors combined create a seamless and clear workforce compliance system.

Workflows and Automation

An automated license verification system provides pre-built workflows that are fully configurable. This allows companies to automate the license application process, reducing the burden of additional paperwork and tasks that often accompany license verifications. It also allows organizations to maintain a centralized view of all licensure records, making compliance easier and more efficient.

Organizations can also streamline their license verification process by tailoring the system to their needs. Companies can choose from customizable programs that define automations, emails, and verifications that best suit their goals. With the implementation of an automated license verification system, companies have more measurable data for better decision making.

To conclude

License Verification with Primary Source Validation is the comprehensive solution for Human Resources departments seeking to ensure its staff remain compliant with necessary licensure and certifications. Organizations no longer have to fret manually retrieving and updating records, instead relying on a clear and efficient system of record. Not only does this make compliance easier to achieve, but it creates a workforce data that is accurate and current.


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