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The importance of verifying licenses and certifications for Compliance in the workplace is paramount. Ensuring that employees are properly registered, renewed, and have no marked disciplinary actions are crucial factors that allow employers to create safe and compliant work environments. Unfortunately, with thousands of licenses and certifications and hundreds of regulatory boards, manual tracking can quickly pile up becoming an arduous task. This is where Certemysteps in.

Certemy is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) compliance platform that lets employers verify licenses and certification with a layer of primary source Verification. By leveraging primary source verification, Certemy provides an automated license and certfication tracking platform that gives organizations the authority to ensure regulatory compliance.

Certemy works by granting employers near total visibility into the license and certification status of all their employees. Not only is this visibility crucial to staying ahead of regulatory compliance, but it also helps save time and increase team productivity. Using Certemys automated license tracking, HR operations can spend less time validating information and more time on other tasks, such as recruiting or marketing.

Just like automation, Certemy also offers workflows that are fully configurable. It helps relieve human resource operations from the burden of manually running and managing license applications and updates. The system gives HR teams the opportunity to review and manage all license and certification from a document storage system, reducing the stress associated with needing regular updates.

In an age of ever-increasing complex compliance, having visibility and control of licenses and certification is becoming more important for companies worldwide. With Certemys use of primary source validation, employers can ensure that their workforce is comprised of properly registered and compliant members. And because of the automated license verification system, employers can save time and energy that would otherwise be used for tasks such as manual data entry.

Ultimately, Certemy helps businesses to verify occupational licenses and certifications in a way that is quick and efficient. Companies can stay ahead of compliance with automated license tracking and primary source verification.


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