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With requirements changing so fast, regulatory oversight appears to be an ever-risky endeavor. It is difficult for companies to find out quickly and accurately if their employees have the requisite qualifications, qualitifications, or certifications to perform their job. This is particularly true in the Heathcare arena, where the need for specialized healthcare certifications such as Cardiac Vascular Nursing is becoming increasingly prevalent. In order to ensure the safety and credibility of healthcare professionals, employers need to guarantee that they have the right credentials and certifications in place with primary source Verification.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification, which provides a robust solution to automate license application processes. Its integrated system of record provides the capability to track and monitor licenses and credentials in real-time across an entire organization, ensuring Compliance with the latest regulations and standards.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how Certemy helps employers successfully manage and verify the Occupational Licensing and Certification of their employees.

Why is License Verification So Vital?

Employers are responsible for validating the credentials of their employees and those they refer for employment. The risks of hiring non-compliant employees are high, especially in the healthcare sector. Therefore, verifying an employees qualifications, qualitifications, and certifications is an important part of the candidate screening process.

Accurate license verification is essential to ensure patients and staff safety. If license credentials are not valid, employers may face severe consequences, such as professional or monetary losses or even legal liability. Additionally, employers can experience a hit to their reputation if their healthcare teams don?t have the requisite credentials to practice.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary Source Verification is the process of verifying a healthcare professional?s credentials with the original source of their license. This includes validating the credentials with the various issuing organizations and verifying that the license is valid and up to date with the most current regulations or standards.

How Does Certemy Ease the Validation Process?

Certemy has an automated process for validating qualification, qualitifications, and credentials for healthcare professionals, tailoring their verification solutions to an organizations business needs and requirements.

Its centralized structure makes it easy for employers to track and manage credentials for large teams. The intuitive platform provides complete visibility and control of an organizations workforce compliance program.

Certemys automated processes and reports offer accurate license verification, which will help organizations avert risks associated with hiring non-compliant employees, increasing the credibility and trust in existing professionals who have been accurately verified.

What are the Features of Certemy?

Certemy offers a suite of features to help organizations easily and accurately verify their employees occupational licenses and certifications effortlessly. These are just a few:

State-specific primary source verification services, specific to the healthcare field, that provide detailed reports with information about each license.

Licensing & Credential Management ? Put the license data in one central location.

Centralized dashboard of all license data with pre-built workflows for license applications.

Licensing Rules Engine ? Create rules to manage employee license requirements compliant with your state laws.

Automated Renewals ? Renewals for all licenses and certifications with real time alerts.

Final considerations

Certemy is the ultimate solution for streamlining and automating Occupational Licensing & Certification verification processes. It offers complete visibility and control of your workforce compliance program while leveraging pre-built workflows that are easily adjustable to your organizations needs.

It is important to conduct rigorous primary source verification of employee credentials to ensure patient safety and to avert risks associated with hiring non-compliant employees. With Certemy, organizations of any size can ensure their employees are up to date with the most current regulations and standards.


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