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Orthopaedic Nurse Practitioners (NPs), certified in the USA, are subject to a number of state-level regulations, including remaining compliant with their respective state requirements for continuing education credits. More importantly, they must adhere to the regulations set by their relevant Boards of Nursing and Agencies of Health, as well as remaining in good standing as dictated by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

When implementing a license verification system, proper consideration should be given to the complexities of occupational licenses for NPs in order to ensure that the system is reliable, accurate, and legally compliant. To maintain the highest standard of license verification, organizations must comply with all applicable regulatory requirements to help protect organizations from potentially costly fines and reputations damage.

Organizations that employ NPs can mitigate risk and stay compliant with regulatory requirements by using a comprehensive license verification system such as Certemy. Certemy, an automated primary source verification system, makes it easy to track and manage occupational license trending, expiry dates, and disciplinary measures. Utilizing the Certemy platform, employers across the country can quickly and easily ensure that their NPs have up-to-date, valid licenses issued from the correct agency and no pending disciplinary action.

Certemy: Leverage Automated License Verification

Certemy provides real-time, primary source verification of employee licenses and credentials. This platform allows employers to create a ?single source of truth? to track all of their occupational license and credential needs. Certemys comprehensive solution meets state and federal requirements for verifying licensure and credentials of nurses, doctors, midwifes, durable medical equipment suppliers, and more. Organizations can leverage Certemys automated workflows to quickly and accurately verify, track, and renew all state-required licenses and certifications.

Certemys built-in automation capabilities streamline the license application processes, making them easier and less time-consuming than manual processes. Workflows are configurable to allow organizations to customize the platform to their specific needs, ensuring that their verification process is tailored to their own processes and regulatory requirements. The platform can also be used as a staff utilization tool, providing visibility into license expiry dates, license renewal status, and history across all employees.

Closing ideas

Organizations are held accountable for the competency and credentials of their healthcare team members, and proper implementation of a valid license verification system is critical. Certification platforms such as Certemy enable organizations to ensure that all employee licenses and certifications are valid and up-to-date, reducing risk and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


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