License Verification Tool | ACHPN – Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner

Palliative Care Nurse Practitioners (PCNPs) are vital to providing quality medical care services to those facing medical conditions that require medical, emotional, and mental treatment. They serve as diagnosticians and care coordinators, providing care from the specialty domain of palliative care to individuals dealing with life-threatening illnesses and their families. Their professional licensure must stay current and up to date in order to ensure full patient safety and efficacy. Using an automated primary source Verification system to track and verify PCNP licenses is a crucial part of ensuring that their patients receive safe and high-quality care.

Certemy is a premier Automated License Verification system that streamlines Compliance with state and national entities that oversee nurse practitioner licensure. The fully automated system allows users to track and manage their employee nurses? licenses and certifications while also reducing the risk of employee disciplinary action. It is trusted by many of the largest employers in the US, saving time and allocation of resources to ensure Palliative Care Nurse Practitioners are always meeting their professional regulations and standards. It also has in-depth training and workflow capabilities that enable organizations to quickly and efficiently train, standardize, and manage the onboarding processes of their PCNPs.

As PCNPs bring the expertise of palliative care to healthcare organizations and individuals, companies need to be sure that they are always compliant with the regulatory bodies that oversee their professional licensure. Such claims are easily achieved with Certemys comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, license verification system. The automated system provides up-to-date, primary source records ensuring that PCNPs are renewed, up to date, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. It provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials for total visibility across the organization. It also automates license application processes, so data entry errors are minimized and resources are allocated more efficiently.

As part of their streamlined, automated process, Certemy utilizes simple-to-use modules that allow users to view their license data in an easy-to-use interactive dashboard. For instance, the SimpleHire module allows users to quickly and easily manage the practitioner application process. By having Palliative Care Nurse Practitioners upload state and national license documents in a single location, organizations save time and ensure that their PCNPs and their respective organizations can stay in compliance with applicable government standards.

Additionally, Certemys license tracking and primary source verification system offers the ability for users to securely store a vast array of data relating to the PCNP’s license information. This allows for a single system-of-record that is helpful in recruiting and onboarding staff members and significantly reducing administrative costs and time allocation. This includes the ability to store additional documents and documents specific to the practitioner such as CV, letters of recommendation, certifications, and other pertinent documents. All of this helps organizations meet the ever-evolving standards of palliative care and ensure that their PCNPs are compliant with their licensure and associated requirements.

Certemy is a highly trusted, reliable, and advanced provider of automated license verification for Palliative Care Nurse Practitioners. As PCNPs are critical to providing quality direct patient care services, using an automated license verification system can drastically reduce the risk of any disciplinary actions for organizations and their staff members. Certemy allows organizations to streamline their operations and manage professional licensure requirements while also minimizing administrative costs, risks, and overall time and effort allocation.


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