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Post Anesthesia Care Units (PACUs) must be staffed with fully compliant and certified nursing professionals to ensure the highest levels of patient safety and quality care. With an automated primary source verification software, compliance leads in the health care sector can gain powerful controls for hiring, training, and managing post anesthesia nurses.

Data-driven compliance is integral to a successful patient care strategy for PACUs. Professionals in charge of compliance must be able to manage all licenses and certifications across their staff and confirm that they are valid, appropriately renewed, and free of disciplinary action and sanctions. With automated primary source verification software, compliance leads can easily track, manage, and accurately verify licenses and certifications in one centralized system.

The automated software allows organizations to remain on top of regulation compliance while keeping labor costs down and utilizing personnel efficiently. It helps establish an automated tracking system that ensures easy access to up-to-date records on each employees credentials. With a streamlined workflow, it can also help with streamlining, simplifying, and automating license application processes.

Professionals can use the automated software on any compatible device. This makes the process more accessible and efficient for staff members who work remotely, and it helps alleviate the compliance audit burden. Plus, it requires very little maintenance and can function as an integral element of your existing infrastructure.

Using Certemys highly advanced license verification system, compliance leads in healthcare organizations can save time, reduce risk, and stay ahead of regulatory compliance. Certemy automates the verification process and eliminates manual errors by automatically tracking licenses and certifications in one centralized system.

Certemy validates occupational licenses with the help of primary source verification. With Certemy, there’s a single platform to easily view, manage, and store records of licenses and certifications for post anesthesia nurses. Plus, Certemys automated system delivers real-time tracking and notifications that allow keeping employee licenses and credentials up-to-date in one system of record.

By leveraging Certemys automated primary source verification software, compliance leads can gain powerful controls for identifying and driving deficiencies, streamlining processes, ensuring organizational compliance, and optimizing employee utilization. The software provides an unparalleled visibility into the employee credentials, and its pre-built workflows simplify the process to ensure success.

With an advanced automated primary source verification system such as Certemy, health care organizations will benefIt isignificantly from enhanced patient care quality and improved public and safety protocols for PACUs.


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